Prado Electronic Cigarette Review

Prado Electronic CigaretteElectronic cigarettes have been in the news a fair bit over the past few months. Between the various court arguments trying to determine how the devices should be regulated, to an increasing number of Hollywood Stars going public with their use of electronic cigarettes as their preferred alternative to traditional tobacco smokes, e cigs have become another alternative for traditional cigarette smokers. The Prado electronic cigarette is one of the latest free trial e smoke offers to be covered on this website that let the customer try before they buy when making the decision to shift to vapor smoking.

How Does the Prado Electronic Cigarette Work?

The Prado electronic cigarette works similar to other e cigs in that the device vaporizes liquified nicotine in order to produce flavored, vapor mist that you inhale. The e liquid has a number of nicotine strengths available for you to choose from. Add to this that the Prado e cigarette looks and feels just like a regular cigarette, is significantly cheaper than traditional tobacco, and does not produce the smell that cigarettes do, and you can see why many consumers are turning to e cigs over Big Tobacco. It is not legal for e cigarette companies to make health claims about the devices until the FDA determines what type of testing they are going to require the manufacturers to submit to, however, consumers are making the choice now to use the products over the known evils in regular smokes.

What Do You Get with the Prado E Cigarette Free Trial Offer?

Prado E Cig

When you sign-up for the 14-day trial offer with Prado, you will have to pay $9.95 for shipping and handling if you use the special Prado code, EcigSaveNow. This gives you a $5 discount on the S&H charges. Then, you can choose between either menthol or regular tobacco flavored e liquid followed by the nicotine strength that you prefer (none, ultra light, light, and full flavor). Your trial kit will also include a rechargeable lithium battery, a stainless steel atomizer, 10 nicotine cartridges, a wall charger, USB charger, collector’s gift box, and a quick start manual. If you enjoy the product, after 14 days, you will pay for the starter kit and a monthly subscription fee to get e liquid automatically delivered to you on a monthly basis. If you do not like the product, you will have to cancel your trial offer and contact the Prado company for further details.

Why Should You Consider the Prado E Cigarette?

If you are the type who likes to try out products before making a significant investment, then the Prado E cigarette may be just the product for you. The company has made the decision to ensure they supply higher quality products and accessories in order to help differentiate them from the other brands on the market. When searching for a free trial electronic cigarette, the Prado brand is one to consider.

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  • Deborah Henderson

    Would like to order refill cartridge. This site dosen’t say how.

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