SKY Cig Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Review

SKY Cig electronic cigarettes are an exclusive e cig brand for the UK or British market. They feature three flavors for their e liquid that come with a standard nicotine strength similar to smoking regular cigarettes. The SKY Cigs brand sells a three-piece electronic cigarette that has an atomizer which is separate from the refill cartridges which helps save you some money on the refill costs. The available flavors for SKY Cig include Classic Tobacco, Menthol, and Vanilla with the company looking at potentially adding additional flavors in the future.

SKY Cig Cartridge Flavors

There are three flavors available from SKY Cig for their cartridges. These flavors include:

Classic Tobacco, Menthol, and Vanilla. One carton of refills comes with 25 cartridges and costs £ 15.99 for a single carton. SKY Cig will also give you a discount when ordering more than one carton of cartridge refills which if you make the total order more than £ 45 will give you free shipping anywhere in the United Kingdom.

SKY Cig Cartridge Specials

Besides beging able to offer cheaper cartridges due to the three-piece e cig design used by SKY Cigs, you also get rewarded when buying the cartridge refills in bulk. When you buy 2 cartons (50 cartridges) from SKY Cig, you save 5% up-front. When ordering 4 cartons (100 cartridges) you save a total of 10% up front on your order.

SKY Cig Cartridge Review

The SKY Cig company definitely tries to encourage returning customers to order in bulk by offering discounts on bulk orders of cartridge refills. If you are a resident of the UK and looking to either try vapor smoking or to try a British brand, then the SKY Cig brand and cartridges are worth checking out.

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