SKY Cig Smokeless Cigarette Review

The SKY Cig electronic cigarette is one of the first, exclusive for UK residents, smokeless cigarettes on the market. The SKY Cig is a three-piece electronic cigarette and offers both a 30 day money back guarantee for your money as well as a one year warranty on their starter kit. Even better, the SKY Cig folks offer free shipping on all orders over 45 pounds stirling which helps you save even more money when making the shift to vapour smoking!

How Does the SKY Cig Work?

When you inhale on your SKY Cig smokeless cigarette, the airflow is detected by a sensor that triggers the heating element, vapourising the nicotine solution stored within the mouthpiece. The vapouriser then releases the simulated “smoke” or vapour from the smokeless cigarette.

SKY Cig smokeless cigarettes are composed of three main parts: the battery, the vapouriser and the flavour cartridge. These three components work together to produce vapour when you inhale on your smokeless cigarette.

The sleek, elongated SKY Cig smokeless cigarette body, which looks and feels much like a traditional cigarette, holds the nicotine cartridge, vapouriser and long-lasting lithium battery. You’ll also notice the tip of your SKY Cig smokeless cigarette has a light that glows when you are inhaling, producing the same look as a traditional cigarette. Your friends won’t even be able to notice a difference!

SKY Cig smokeless cigarettes are the healthier alternative to smoking. You’ll love how much better your breath and clothes smell-you’ll never want to light up a cigarette again! SKY Cig smokeless cigarettes with nicotine satisfy your cravings, without tobacco, smoke, tar, carbon monoxide or ash. Experience the SKY Cig smokeless cigarette difference today!

Why Should You Choose SKY Cig?

SKY Cig has been carefully designed to meet the most rigid quality control standards. You can smoke SKY Cig electronic cigarettes virtually anywhere at any time, for a fraction of the cost of traditional cigarettes.

SKY Cig Smokeless Cigarette Advantages

SKY Cig smokeless cigarettes are the perfect alternative to traditional cigs:

·         Same look & feel of regular cigarettes but 75% less expensive

·         Same satisfying sensation of smoking without all the harmful chemicals

·         Smoke anywhere – At your desk, in a restaurant, even on a plane

Order your SKY Cig Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit today and you’ll receive an additional 15 smokeless cigarette flavour cartridge refills (equivalent to five packs of traditional cigarettes) completely free! Combined with our free shipping and “No Questions Asked” refund policy, you can try SKY Cig 100% risk-free. Get your SKY Cig kit today!

What is in the SKY Cig Starter Kit?

The SKY Cig starter kit comes with everything you need to make the change from traditional tobacco cigarettes to SKY Cig Starter Kittobacco free electronic cigarettes. The kit includes 2 batteries, 2 vapouisors, a wall and USB charger, and a specialty charging case. The £39.99 kit also comes with free shipping, and 15 free refills to get you started. If you enjoy the SKY Cig product, you can use this exclusive, one time only , 50% off coupon, CART50 for your refills. The company ships within 3-5 days via Royal Mail Special Delivery and are highly recommend for UK (to include Northern Ireland) vapor smokers.

Visit the Sky Cigs Store

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  • lynda

    Hi I have tried to place an order for refills and it will not accept my debit card is there any other way I can get my refills I need them asap!!

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