Smoke Assist Scam

I was visiting my parents over the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays with the family and saw no less than 30 runs of the Smoke Assist commercial. I was like wow, we’re finally starting to see electronic cigarettes hit the main stream with commercials and all. This coming on the heals of Johnny Depp using an electronic cigarette in The Tourist, and on David Letterman. Unfortunately, since I saw the commercial, the only feedback that I have received on Electronic Cigarette Sale regarding the Smoke Assist product has been utter dissatisfaction with the company’s customer service, delivery time, quality of product, and over charging. This post is to lay out in public all complaints that I have received to date to help other current and vapor smokers make informed decisions. If you work for or represent Smoke Assist, you are welcome to send me a response to post for others to see both sides of the story. Other products alleged to be sold by the same company as Smoke Assist include Smoke Savior, Smoke Saviour, and Smoke Assassin.

Current Complaints Regarding the Smoke Assist Electronic Cigarette

#1 Smoke Assist Complaint – Inability to return product for credit

This complaint has been repeated by a number of consumers both on this site as well as through that the company outsources their customer service. When you call for a refund, it is almost impossible to obtain with the customer being considered “wrong” for doing so.

#2 Smoke Assist Complaint – Company Harrassment

Several consumers have reported that after they have gone through the hassle of cancelling or returning the Smoke Assist product that they continue to receive sales calls from the company pushing this or other related products. The calls persist after telling the company to quit calling.

#3 Smoke Assist Complaint – Account Charges Without Permission

Now, I’m the first one to tell a consumer, read the fine print before you buy. Many of the free trial offers out there are going to charge you after a set amount of time of trying their product out if you don’t cancel the order and return the merchandise. More than a few consumers have reported that Smoke Assist charges you well before you get the product to tell if you like it or not!

#4 Smoke Assist Complaint – Poor Customer Service

A number of consumers report significant delay in receiving the product, get charged for the full price of the product before they can try it out, then have difficulty in getting the company to return the product or give a refund.

Electronic Cigarette Alternatives to the Smoke Assist Brand

Top 3 Money Back Guaranteed Brands

#1 – South Beach Smoke

South Beach is just a smidge over Green Smoke in my opinion due to the fact that you can get started with a 2 piece starter kit for more than 30 percent less than Green Smoke. If you are a dissatisfied Smoke Assist consumer, they are worth your time and money to check out.

#2 – Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke is one of the most established e cig brands on the market. You pay a little more for their product, but you get one of the best customer service experiences of all of the brands.

#3 – V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette

A new brand to emerge over the past few months. Nothing but good feedback from consumers along with decent prices and quality products.

Top 2 Free Trial Electronic Cigarette Offers

One of the things that I tell people up-front about free trial offers, is that you are going to have to return the product within a defined timeframe, or these companies will charge you. Its in the small print, but its there. If you don’t want to front a significant amount of money in order to try out electronic cigarettes, however, they fill a consumer need in that category!

#1 – E Cigs Brand

The most popular free trial brand on this site. It will cost you about $9.95 up front in shipping and handling to try out the product.

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice

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2 comments to Smoke Assist Scam

  • Brian C

    Ecigsbrand……THE WORSE !
    Just TRY to cancell. They say you’re cancelled but keep charging your credit card. STAY AWAY !

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  • No money returned dont trust smokeassizt I have to contact judge judy I encourage everyone to do the same. I hope it cost smokeassiT more than what they owe me

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