Smoke Frii Electronic Cigarette Review

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The Smoke Frii electronic cigarette is one of the latest e cigarette brands to hit the market. The company advertises that they are “Better than the rest” and many vapor smokers have thoroughly enjoyed making the switch to the Smoke Frii product. If you are an active smoker and are looking to find an alternative to smoking traditional cigs, then the Smoke Frii electric cigarette is worth checking out.

Smoke Frii Electric Cigarette Features

There are a number of advantages to making the shift to vapor smoking with the Smoke Frii brand. First, the company advertises that their electric cigarette products have a significantly longer battery life than competing brands. This is done purposely in order to help the end user avoid the hassle of having to recharge the e cig battery during the day. Next, the Smoke Frii electric cigarette has less parts than other electronic cigarette brands. With their design, you simply screw the e cig filter into the device battery in order to change the flavor or nicotine strength when desired. Other, competing models of electronic cigarette consist of three parts and required routine maintenance to be done on the device atomizer. Finally, there are no liquids that you have to maintain in order to use the Smoke Frii product. The e cig cartridge contains the e juice used to produce the vapor smoke that you inhale when vaping the Smoke Frii product.

What are the Advantages to Vapor Smoking?

In general, there are a number of other advantages to making the shift to vapor smoking in general as well as the Smoke Frii product. First, you will spend less money than you currently do with traditional tobacco smoking. Some users save upwards of 2-3 thousand dollars a year based on their cigarette usage as compared to the similar cost in vapor smoke products. Next, vapor smokes look and feal just like a traditional tobacco cigarette. They just don’t contain tobacco. The Smoke Frii brand lets you select the nicotine strength and flavor of the cartridges that you purchase to use with the product.

Smoke Frii Premiere Starter Kit

The Smoke Frii Premiere Starter kit contains the following components:

1 x USB charger

10 x Nicotine cartridges

1 x Wall Charger

2 X Lithium Batteries

1 x Carrying Case

1 x Smoke Frii User’s Manual

Smoke Frii Electric Cigarette Review Summary

If you are an active smoker and are looking to make the shift to vapor smoking, then the Smoke Frii brand is worth checking out. The Smoke Frii brand comes with a 30 day warranty and there is also free shipping on qualified orders.

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