South Beach Smoke Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

South Beach SMoke DisposablesA large number of traditional cigarette smokers prefer to try out vapor smoking with disposable e cigs before making the decision to try out a full starter kit. As a result, South Beach Smoke is now offering South Beach Smoke Disposable electronic cigarettes for new or existing customers to try out or to offer to friends who are considering making the shift to vapor smoking.

Why Are South Beach Smoke Disposable Electronic Cigarettes a Good Choice?

The new South Beach Smoke Disposables are a perfect choice for the first time e cigarette user. The Disposables are equivalent to about two packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes and are both highly portable and ready to use when removed from the packaging material. The product does not require recharging or assembly and makes a great travel partner for those looking for a compact, but mobile e cigarette vaping solution.

What Are the South Beach Smoke Disposable Options?

The new South Beach Smoke Disposables come in a four, eight, or twelve pack option. As you choose a larger quantity of product the price per disposable drops almost 15% between the four and twelve pack option. The nicotine strength for the Disposables is set at the “Light” option of 12 MG and the disposables are available in both menthol or tobacco flavor options.

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What if You Prefer a South Beach Smoke Starter Kit to Try Vapor Smoking?

For those who want to get the best buy for their money, the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit is priced at just $20 more than the four-pack of South Beach Smoke Disposables. The starter kit has been a more popular option amongst regular smokers who have made the decision to give vapor smoking a serious try and don’t want to burn additional money trying out the Disposables before making the shift to vaping. The SouthBeach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit comes with:

1 Standard Battery that features the NEW SuperMAX Battery

1 Extra-Capacity Battery  that features the NEW SuperMAX Battery

1 Portable Wall Charger

5 Large Nicotine Cartridges/Atomizers (Equivalent to approximately 7/8 packets of traditional cigarettes).

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice

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