South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Freedom to Smoke Virtually AnywhereElectronic cigarettes, or e cigs, have gone from a “niche” product, to one that is seen across the United States over the past several years. In a number of communities, e cigs are allowed to be “vaped” in a number of locations that traditional cigarette smoking is banned! You have to research the local restrictions in your hometown or place of business on this front; however, even if you live in an area that makes vapor smokers enjoy their new “smoke” in the traditional smoking area, one of the largest benefits to making the shift to vapor smoking is the reduced cost of vaping as compared to traditional cigarette smoking! The South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette is one of the hottest new brands on the market that is helping smokers make the shift to vapor while enjoying 100% American-made e-liquid! The following South Beach Smoke review covers the necessary background that one needs when making the decision to shift to electronic cigarettes and the various options available to you when considering using the South Beach Smoke brand.

Barriers to Making the Shift to Vapor Smoking

For a number of years, one of the largest barriers to traditional cigarette smokers making the shift to vapor smoking has been the large, up-front cost of electronic cigarette starter kits! Luckily, the Miami, Florida-based, South Beach Smoke company has some of the most competitive starter kit and disposable e cig options available to consumers on the market to try out vapor smoking. The company’s best deal is the Deluxe Starter Kit that can be purchased for just $59.99 if you sign-up for the home delivery program (a $20 USD savings!). This gives you approximately 8 equivalent packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes along with the full e cig,2 batteries, and a wall charger. In some states (those with extremely high taxes on traditional cigarettes, you already make your money back on the initial purchase. In others, it takes you to purchase one set of refills to make the e cig come in cheaper than the traditional packet of smokes. Added up over time, and you pay approximately $1.41 per equivalent packet of traditional smokes by making the shift to South Beach Smokes!

How Does the South Beach Smoke E Cigarette Work?

The South Beach Smoke e cigarette is powered by a battery and produces combustion-free vapor smoke from e liquid contained in the device cartridge. When you inhale on the e cigarette, the device atomizer is activated and heats the e liquid to produce vapor smoke that contains nicotine, flavoring, water, and propylene glycol to produce vapor smoke. The vapor is designed to mimic the look and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette but without the various chemicals and toxins found in traditional smokes. You can then use your South Beach e cig until the point that the cartridge needs to be replaced (or refilled).

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Advantages

If you are debating whether or not to try out vapor smoking, some of the positive aspects of making the shift to electronic cigarettes and the premium electronic cigarettes offered by South Beach are:

1 – The South Beach Smoke E Cigarette Does not produce ash
2 – It doesn’t smell and does not contain tar.
3 – It can be used in significantly more locations than traditional cigarettes
4 – It is cheaper to use than regular smokes
5 – South Beach Smoke provides a lifetime replacement warranty.
6 – South Beach Smoke NOW uses 100% American-Made E-Liquid as compared to many of the company’s competitors that use Chinese manufactured e juice!
7 – If you don’t like the South Beach product, the company provides a money-back guarantee!

Electronic Cigarette Safety Concerns

Just like other electronic cigarette brands, the South Beach Smoke product does have safety precautions that you must heed. A common tendency of smokers who first make the switch to vapor smoking is to vape significantly more than they would traditionally smoke due to the increased freedom in the locations that the product can be used. This can result in throat irritation from overdoing it. You just have to take care to keep to your regular smoking patterns to ensure you don’t overuse the product until you get the hang of vapor smoking. Other concerns include the safety of having liquefied nicotine in the e cig cartridge around children, some users being allergic to propylene glycol (requires shifting to a vegetable glycerin smoke producing agent in the e liquid), and quality control for models assembled outside of the United States (this does not apply to South Beach Smoke since their models are assembled in the United Sates).

South Beach Smoke Starter Kits

There are a range of South Beach Smoke Starter Kits available for consumers to choose from depending on one’s budget, amount of product you would like to purchase in one shot, and ultimate experience that you are looking for when either trying out vapor smoking for the first time or just looking for the best e cig deal on the market. The Following are summaries of the various starter kits available through South Beach to consider prior to making your first e cig purchase.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit is the best-selling starter kit offered by the company and is one of the . For just $59 USD when signing up for the South Beach Smoke Home Delivery Program, consumers can enjoy the two-piece e cigarette design that has disposable atomizers combined with the cartridges. One gets five large nicotine cartridges/atomizers that are equivalent to 7-8 packets of traditional smokes (customer’s choice of flavor and nicotine strength),1 lithium ion battery,1 extra-Capacity, long battery,1 wall charger. This package and subsequent cartridge refills are estimated to equate to a $1.41 cost per cigarette packet equivalent. If you do not choose to sign up for the automatic, at-home cartridge delivery, the Deluxe Kit will cost you $79.99. With the HDP program, you will be able to enjoy the starter kit for the approximate price of a carton of cigarettes, $59.99

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter Kit

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus starter kit is just like the Deluxe kit except it comes with a number of accessories that vapor smokers find very convenient. It has quickly become one of the brands most popular kits feature the 2 piece design and SuperMax batteries. The Deluxe Plus kit comes with:

1 Standard Battery –NEW Super MAXTM Battery

1 Extra-Capacity Battery –NEW Super MAXTM Battery

1 Portable Wall Charger

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter Kit

1 Deluxe USB Charger
1 Universal Car Adapter for USB Charger
1 Universal Carrying Case
5 Large Nicotine Cartridges/Atomizers –Equals 7-8 Packs of Cigarettes (Choice of Flavor &Strength). –

Since the original release, the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter Kit has dropped in retail price from $119.00 to just $89.00 if the consumer signs up for the South Beach Smoke Home Delivery Program.  The equivalent per-packet cost in traditional smoking figures for the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter Kit is $1.41 per packet equivalency.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit is very similar to the Deluxe Plus kit except it comes with 15 vice 5 cartridges and the new South Beach Smoke Personal Charging Case. The number of cartridges is equivalent to 21-24 packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes for a $1.41 per packet equivalent price as compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes.  The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit contents include:

2 x SuperMax Batteries (1 x Standard and 1 x Extra Capacity)
1 x Portable Wall Charger
1 x Deluxe USB Charger
1 x Universal Carrying Case
1 x Personal Charging Case to charge batteries while on the go
1 x Car Adapter for USB Charger
15 x Large Nicotine cartridges with your choice of flavor and strength

Current Price –$159.99 (if you sign-up for the South Beach Smoke Home Delivery Program or the kit will run you $214.99)

South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit

In order to properly respond to the demand of new vapor smokers who are looking for a cheap electronic cigarette, South beach has starting making the Reusable

South Beach Reusable Express Kit

South Beach Reusable Express Kit

Express kits available for purchase. The kits are one of the most in-expensive ways to get starting with e cigarettes and use all of the same high-quality products found in the other South Beach products to include the new SuperMax Battery. The South Beach Reusable Express Kit comes in a flip-top box that is the size of a traditional packet of smokes and includes:

1 Standard Battery –NEW SuperMAX Battery
1 USB Charger
1 Nicotine Cartridge/Atomizer –Equals 1.5 Packs of Cigarettes (Choice of Flavor).

The current cost of the kit at the time of this writing is $21.99 USD (A discount of $8 USD since the original release of the kit!).

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Couples Combo Kit

One of the relatively new electronic cigarette starter kits being offered by South Beach Smoke is the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Couples Combo Kit. This kit is targeted to the couple who is looking to make the shift to vapor smoking together and want to save a little money. When you purchase the kit, the following items are provide:

2 x Standard SuperMax Batteries.
2 x Extra Capacity batteries (SuperMax type)
2 x Deluxe USB Chargers
2 x Portable Wall Chargers
2 x Car Adapters

20 Large nicotine cartridges/atomizers that are the equivalent of 28-32 packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes (consumer chooses the nicotine strength and flavor of the cartridges.

At the time of this writing, the new couples combo kit will cost $175.99 if you do not sign up for the HDP option, and $109.99 if you do.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Personal Charging Case

The new South Beach Smoke Deluxe Personal Charging case is designed for the vapor smoker who is away from the computer, car, or electrical power for extended periods (or just plain forgetful!). It provides for recharging of your South Beach Smoke Standard Deluxe Battery while on the go and can also store extra cartridges and batteries while on the go. The introductory price of the case is $49.99.

South Beach Smoke Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

South Beach Deluxe Couples Combo Kit

South Beach Deluxe Couples Combo Kit

As electronic cigarettes have gotten more into the mainstream, the demand signal for a quality disposable electronic cigarette has only grown. In order to meet this demand, South Beach Smoke has released a new South Beach Smoke Disposable electronic cigarette product line. These are an excellent choice for the first time vapor smoker! Equivalent to about two packets of traditional smokes, South Beach Smoke Disposables require no assembly and do not have a battery to recharge.  A consumer can use them straight out of the box by just pulling the activation tab and it’s ready for use. The disposable option has become one of the most popular for those considering making a shift to vapor smoking over the last year from consumers who shop for quality vaping options on this website.
At the time of this writing, the currently discounted prices for the disposables are:
4-Pack $47.96 on sale for $39.99
8-Pack $95.92 on sale for $74.99
12-Pack $143.88 on sale for $99.99

South Beach Smoke Sale

Thanks to the good folks at South Beach Smoke, consumers who visit their website from Electronic Cigarette sale get to enjoy daily South Beach Smoke sale offerings. For example, if you want to get the best bang for your dollar while shopping today, the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit is normally priced at $214.99. If you buy the kit today, the discounted sales price has it at $159.99 (more than a $50 USD savings)! Also, when buying starter kits from South Beach, if you sign up for the Home Delivery Program, you see an even greater savings on some days. Based on consumer feedback, South Beach now gives you more control over the home delivery program so that you can throttle the service based on your overall usage of the e liquid with your kit, vice getting it delivered every month independent of whether you need the refills!

South Beach Smoke Review Summary

In summary, the South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette is one of the most popular main-stream brands of e cig on the American market. The company offers starter kits that are targeted to a wide range of consumer with a variety of options available to try out vapor smoking before making a significant monetary investment in the product.
==== > Visit the South Beach Smoke Store

Freedom to Smoke Virtually Anywhere

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8 comments to South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

  • Evelyn Maloney

    I bought one of these deluxe kits from South Beach Smoke about 2 months ago and have been using it daily since. It was really the best deal out there. The taste is pretty good too, I like the tobacco but mix it up with the vanilla every now and then too. It has great draw and produces a very good amount of vapor/smoke. I would certainly recommend, it.

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  • […] South Beach Smoke is a fairly unique, U.S. Based e cigarette company in that they sell a two and three piece e cigarette model which each have their own cartridges. The Premium South Beach Smoke Kit is a three-piece design, but is popular with new vapor smokers due to the models reduced cost, where as the deluxe model is a two-piece design that provides more vapor and has a built-in atomizer to the cartridge. South Beach Smoke offers five flavors and four nicotine strengths for both models of e cigarette with the cheapest option for vapor smokers being the 30% off discount when enrolling in the South Beach Home delivery program. […]

  • […] the quality brands that offer a money-back guarantee. The top 2 brands that do so that we cover are South Beach Smoke and the Green Smoke Electronic […]

  • Geoge Calife

    I’ve been an electric cigarette user now for just over 15 months. I just wasn’t happy with my previous brand and decided to try out the 3 piece South Beach Starter kit. I like the vapor quality, but just didn’t like having to muck around with the separate atomizer. So…I gave the 3 piece to my cousin and picked up the 2 part Deluxe model with the disposable atomizer and couldn’t be happier.

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  • Chris Schneider

    How can I order a South Beach Delux Starter Kit ? The South Beach web site does not let me order and it shows no phone number.
    Thanks: Chris

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  • John Jenkins

    Hey, just saw some new story a couple months ago about e cigs, went on line to do some research and found South Beach Smoke. Ordered a starter pack and WOW…couldn’t be happier. Amazing! No more nasty cigarettes for me. Always hated the smell, and the bad looks I got for people. Now with South Beach Smoke I get great flavors and I’m part of a cool trend. Love them. South beach smoke is the best!

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