South Beach Smoke Fall Sale

Just in time for fall and the remainder of the college and NFL football seasons, South Beach Smoke announces a special “Fall of Seasons” sale. Customers who use discount code, FALL2011 at checkout will now receive 15% off of all purchases with the exception of the already, rock-bottom priced Premium Starter kit that is $29.99. The discount can be used on the two-piece Deluxe Starter kit and all other store merchandise.

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How Does South Beach Smoke Work?

South Beach Smoke e cigs make use of a lithium battery used to heat e liquid which creates vapor smoke. The e liquid is contained in a cartridge that can be combined with the atomizer or used to feed the liquid into an atomizer depending on the model of e cig being used. When the consumer inhales on the electronic cigarette, the atomizer is activated and heats the e liquid resulting in a thick vapor smoke being created. The e liquid contains flavoring, nicotine, water, and propylene glycol (used to make the visual smoke that you see).

Should You Try South Beach Smokes?

Over the past year, electronic cigarettes have continued to increase in popularity across industry. Some of the advantages of the South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette are:

1 – Electronic cigarettes are cheaper to use than regular cigarettes.

2 – South Beach Smoke offers a money-back guarantee and a lifetime replacement parts warranty on all products.

3 – The South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette can be used in a number of locations that regular smokes are not permitted

4 – The South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette does not produce ash.

5 – South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes do not smell or contain tar.

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South Beach Smoke Electronic Starter Kit

One of the cheapest electronic cigarette starter kits on the market is the South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kit. It comes with a 3 part,e cig that comes with six large e liquid cartridges that are equal to roughly 6 packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes. You alsoget a portable wall charger,1 battery,1 atomizer, and the chance to sign-up for a free $100 gas rebate coupon. When the customer signs up for the South Beach Home delivery program, the starter kit price is reduced to an industry-leading $29.99 and the future orders of e liquid are 30% off the retail price.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Kit

The most popular starter kit offered by South Beach Smoke is the Deluxe Starter Kit. Priced at just $20 more than the South Beach Premium Kit, the consumer gets a two-part e cig that makes use of disposable atomizers. This eliminates the need for cleaning of maintenance of the atomizer resulting in a smoother, vapor taste on each new cartridge use. The Deluxe Starter kit comes with 5 large refill cartridges that are equivalent to approximately 8 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice

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