South Beach Smoke Home Delivery Program

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice
South Beach Smoke has started to emerge as one of the more popular U.S. based e cigarette companies. One of the unique aspects of the South Beach e cigarette company is their Home Delivery Program that sends vapor smokers 15 e cig cartridges every 30 days at a 30% discount price. If you have not been using South Beach Smoke products, if you sign up for their home delivery program at the time of purchasing the starter kit then you will save 50% on the starter kit price as well.

South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kit Offer

As mentioned, if you order a South Beach Smoke starter kit along with the South Beach Smoke membership enrollment, you will be automatically enrolled in the company’s Home Delivery Program. After your initial order is completed, you will be billed $41.89 plus shipping and handling charges for 15 premium cartridges a month (equivalent to a carton and half or 15 packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes). If you desire to modify the strength, flavor, quantity, or to cancel your membership in the South Beach Home Delivery Program, you will have to call their customer service line, 1-877-408-2767, more than 1 day before the next monthly delivery is shipped. South Beach Smoke Customer Service is open Mon-Friday, 8am – 10PM EST and on Saturday from 9am to 2PM EST. Additionally, South Beach Smoke has been known to reduce the Home Delivery Program prices to $30.89 per shipment during certain promotional periods during the year. When this is done, you still see the savings for the promotional period independent of how long you have been a member of the company’s delivery program. Prices do restore to the normal cost at the end of the promotional period.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit Offer

Similar to the Premium Starter Kit offer, when you enroll in the South Beach Smoke Home Delivery membership with the Deluxe Starter kit, you can see discounts of up to 50 % on starter kit prices. Regular shipments are billed at $52.49 for 15 deluxe cartridges which since they are sized larger than the Premium starter kit ones are equivalent to more than two cartons of traditional tobacco cigarettes (22.5 packets). The deluxe starter kit is more popular with smokers who have tried out the premium kit, but want the ease of use and greater capacity of cartridges provided by the two-piece, South Beach Deluxe starter kit.

In order to help best meet customer expectations, South Beach Smoke does not drive you to join their home delivery program from the start. You’ll miss out on the starter kit savings, but if you determine after the fact that you want the cost savings found with home delivery, you can sign up for the program at any time.
South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice

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  • […] South Beach Smoke is a fairly unique, U.S. Based e cigarette company in that they sell a two and three piece e cigarette model which each have their own cartridges. The Premium South Beach Smoke Kit is a three-piece design, but is popular with new vapor smokers due to the models reduced cost, where as the deluxe model is a two-piece design that provides more vapor and has a built-in atomizer to the cartridge. South Beach Smoke offers five flavors and four nicotine strengths for both models of e cigarette with the cheapest option for vapor smokers being the 30% off discount when enrolling in the South Beach Home delivery program. […]

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