South Beach Smoke July Coupon

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking ChoiceIf you or a loved one is a smoker, then the 4th of July is a great time to make the shift to vapor smoking. The South Beach Smoke July coupon, eSmoke, will let you pick up the high-quality Deluxe Starter Kit for just $42.95 after a 15% discount. If you don’t want to start with the two-piece Deluxe Kit, then the three-piece Premium kit is priced at less than a carton of cigarettes for a total of $29.99 and is another great 4th of July option to get started vapor smoking.

South Beach Smoke Starter Kit Prices

The following are the South Beach Smoke Starter Kit prices after applying the 15% coupon, eSmoke:

Deluxe Starter Kit: $49.99 $42.49
Premium Plus Starter Kit: $74.99 $63.75
Deluxe Plus Starter Kit: $94.99 $80.75

What Do You Get with the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit?

The South Beach Deluxe e cigarette starter kit is the first step consumers that have tried out the 3-component Premium Kit take when they want to have the convenience of a combined atomizer with the e cigarette cartridge. The Deluxe Starter kit has a 2 part electronic cigarette with a disposable atomizer that ensures you have a cleaner draw with your e cig kit. The Deluxe Starter kit comes with:

1 E-Cigarette Lithium Ion Battery
1 E-Cigarette Extra-Capacity (Long) Lithium Ion Battery

5 Large Nicotine Cartridges/Atomizers – Equals 7-8 Packs of Cigarettes (Choice of Flavor & Strength).
1 $100 Gas Rebates Certificate
1 Portable Wall Charger

When you sign up for the South Beach Smoke Home Delivery program at the time of order, you save $50 USD off of the starter kit price which then comes in at $49.99 USD before applying the July coupon to make the final price $42.95 USD.

Visit the South Beach Smoke Website

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice

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