South Beach Smoke Announces 15 % Off Mother’s Day Sale

Mom Deserves a Better Way To Smoke A common trend over the past two years has been for sons, daughters, and husbands to buy electronic cigarette starter kits for Mom on Mother’s Day. In order to reward those families who are looking to help Mom make the shift from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e cigs, there is an unannounced, special South Beach Smoke Mother’s Day Sale that is providing 15 % off of all starter kits except for the already industry low priced South Beach Smoke Premium kit priced at $29.99.

Why Should You Consider an E Cigarette Starter Kit for Mom?

Most Americans have special place in their heart for their Mom. Typically, we all buy flowers, candy, or other disposable gifts for Mom that just don’t last throughout the year (let alone the rest of May). By making the decision to buy Mom an electronic cigarette starter kit, she can continue to enjoy her “Smoke” breaks as she currently does with traditional cigarettes. She just won’t be ingesting or inhaling the numerous harmful chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Other benefits include no more bad breath from cigarettes, no production of second hand smoke, no ash, and no more yellow teach from smoking.

What Does Mom Get with the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit?

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit has been the most popular option for shoppers looking to get Mom started with vapor smoking. Unlike the Premium Kit, the Deluxe offers a special two-piece e cigarette that combines the atomizer with the cartridges. Not only does this provide the consumer with a cleaner draw of vapor, but it eliminates the need for Mom to worry about buying new atomizers as they wear out or clog. The Deluxe Kit comes with:

1 Standard Battery  (Now featuring the NEW SuperMAX  Battery)

1 Extra-Capacity Battery  (Now featuring the NEW SuperMAX Battery)

1 Portable Wall Charger

5 Large Nicotine Cartridges/Atomizers – You choose the flavor and nicotine strength of the cartridges. Equivalent to 7-8 packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes for most consumers.

If Mom likes the e cigarette kit, new cartridge purchases bring the per pack equivalence price (as compared to regular cigarettes) down to $1.41 per packet.

What Does Mom Get with the South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kit?

No If you are not quite sure how Mom is going to take to e cigarettes, you can always start her out with the South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kit. The kit is priced at an industry leading $29.99. Unlike the Deluxe starter kit, they ship with a 3-piece electronic cigarette. The Premium kit comes with:

1 x Lithium Ion Batter

1 x Atomizer (this heats the e liquid which creates the vapor)

1 x Portable Wall Charger

6 x Large Cartridges (equivalent to 6 packets of traditional cigarettes and comes with assorted flavors).

If Mom sticks with the South Beach Smoke Premium Kit, her future per cartridge to cigarette pack cost will be approximately $1.86.

How Can You Take Advantage of the South Beach Smoke Mother’s Day Sale?

First, this sale is not being advertised on the South Beach Smoke website. In order to take advantage of the 15 percent discount that runs through mothers day, they have provided a special link for our site visitors to use to receive the discount: South Beach Smoke 15% Off Discount Link. Note, the discount will not show up until you go to checkout at the South Beach Smoke store!


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