St Patrick’s Day Electronic Cigarette Sale

V2 Cigs - The THICKEST VAPOR in the business! Smoke Free, Odor Free, & Tar Free!A popular time of year for traditional tobacco smokers to decide to make the switch to vapor smoking is St. Patrick’s Day. As a result, many of the major electronic cigarette brands will offer St. Patrick’s Day electronic cigarette sale or discounts on their starter kits or accessories to better help smokers make the shift to vapor smoking. This year is no different with the V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, and EverSmoke companies offering a good variety of discounts, special offers, and low prices for the Holiday that are worth checking out when you have time.

St. Patrick’s Day Electronic Cigarette Sales

V2 Cigs St. Patrick’s Day Battery Special

If you want to really stand out at the pub, with your friends, or just at work on St. Patrick’s Day, V2 Cigs has announced a special green battery available on pre-order now, and ships the day after March Madness brackets are released (March 12th for you non-basketball fans). This gives V2 three lengths of batter, in four colors, and the choice between a manual or automatic switch.

As one of the top American electronic cigarette brands, V2 will also typically put one of their major accessories on a 15-25% discount on St. Patrick’s Day.  (***Note, hot off of the press…V2 will be providing 15% off of all store merchandise and throwing in a green lanyard with every order!) The special(s) will normally come out 1-2 days prior to the Holiday, so keep an eye on the site for more details! Last year the special was 25% off of all menthol cartomizers.If you are just flat undecided about starting vapor smoking, V2 also offers a special 5 pack of disposable electronic cigarettes for only $29.95 USD.

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Green Smoke St. Patrick’s Day Store Discount

The Green Smoke company has made a number of changes to their brand and offerings over the past year. For this coming St. Patrick’s Day, the company has let us know that they will have a store-wide, 15% sale on all products! That’s right, visit the Green Smoke store from before you go out for the day’s activities and you can save some cash. If you are a new vapor smoker, the new Green Smoke Pro Kit (normally $129.99) and the Express Kit ($89.99) are two of the most popular e cigarette starter kits offered by the company. For those who want to try before they buy, you can alternatively use the St. Patrick’s Day coupon to purchase a six-pack of Green Smoke disposable electronic cigarettes ($57.99 before the discount). No coupon code is required to take advantage of the St. Patrick’s Day coupon.

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South Beach Smoke for St. Patrick’s Day

South Beach Smoke Personal Charging Case

For those looking to try vapor smoking out during St. Patrick’s Day, South Beach Smoke now offers one of the lowest priced starter kits on the market starting at $29.99. The next model up in kit, now features the new SuperMax battery to help consumers maximize their vaping experience without having to worry as much about their battery charge or strength of vapor. To better server their customers, SouthBeach Smoke recently released a new deluxe personal charging case that looks like a traditional packet of cigarettes, but really serves as a mini-storage case and charging s

station for your vapor cigarette.

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New EverSmoke Starter Kits

EverSmoke is one of the newest American-based, electronic cigarette brands on the market. From now through St. Patrick’s Day, all EverSmoke starter kits are 25% off. That’s right, 25% off already! The e cigarette features a signature glowing orange crystal tip, rechargeable battery, and a built-in atomizer with the e cig cartridge. The EverSmoke brand uses VaporMax battery technology to ensure customers enjoy a smooth draw on their e cig while drawing the maximum vapor.

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V2 Cigs - The THICKEST VAPOR in the business! Smoke Free, Odor Free, & Tar Free!

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