The Safe Cig Cartridge Review

The Safe Cig now only sells a two-piece e cigarette that contains a disposable atomizer in the e cig cartridge. The legacy version of the Safe Cig used an atomizer exchange program when the new model of e Smoke was released, but it is no longer explicitly advertised if you fall into this category. The Safe Cig company offers three options for e cig flavors, menthol, traditional, and classic tobacco to go with four nicotine levels that you can choose from when purchasing their product.

The Safe Cig Cartridge Flavors

The Safe Cig Company offers three flavors for their e cig cartridges:

Classic Tobacco – Lighter flavor than the traditional option with a smoother vapor flavor.

Traditional Tobacco – Bold flavor, but not necessarily liked by those who are used to a “Light” cigarette flavor and taste

Menthol – Robust menthol taste available in all nicotine levels.

The Safe Cig Cartridge Nicotine Levels

The Safe Cig is available in four nicotine level options:

18 MG – Equivalent to a “Full Flavored” option

14 MG – Equivalent to a “Medium” tobacco option

11 MG – Equivalent to “Light” tobacco

0 MG – Has flavor but no nicotine

The Safe Cig Cartridge Review

The Safe Cig company rates their cartridges as being equivalent to two packets of traditional cigarettes, however, many users report that they last closer to the equivalent of a signal packet. That being said, the quality of the vapor produced by The Safe Cig Cartridge is rated high. Their cartridges are sold in packets of five for $12.50 USD for a cost of $2.50 per cartridge.
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The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette

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