The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette

The SafeCig Micro

The SafeCig Micro

***** Please note, that the Safe Cig store does not appear to be open any longer, or is having serious technical issues! Until they come back online, we have removed the dead store links from this article. If you are looking for an equivalent Vapor Smoking option, you may want to consider visiting the V2 Cigs Store in the mean time********4/15/2013


The Safe Cig is a two piece electronic cigarette very similar in construction to the GreenSmoke e cig. The Safe Cig design comes with cartridges that have self-contained atomizer that is meant to be thrown away after finishing the cartridge eliminating the need to conduct eSmoke vaporizer maintenance. One major design difference between the Safe Cig eSmoke cartridge and that of other two-piece designs is that the company uses a different adapter on the end of the cartridge allowing additional e-liquid to be contained in the cartridge with some users getting the equivalent of almost two packs of smokes form them.

What Flavors Does Safe Cig E Juice Come In?

The Safe Cig electronic cigarette offers three options for flavor of e juice. These include classic tobacco, traditional, and menthol. The classic tobacco is meant to mimic a lighter flavor than the more bold traditional option. All of the Safe Cig e juices come in four nicotine strength options that you can choose when making a purchase from the company. These include: 18 mg (Equivalent to regular smokes), 14 MB (Mediums), 11MG (Lights), and 0 or none for those who want to vape without the nicotine. A 5 pack of refill cartridges will run approximately $2.50 USD per cartridge or $12.50 for a 5 pack.

What Comes in the Safe Cig Starter Kit?

The Safe Cig starter kit comes with a 5 pack of cartridges (your choice on nicotine level and flavor), 2 rechargeable

Safe Cig Starter Kit

Safe Cig Starter Kit

batteries, one home/USB charger, and the e cig unit. The “Safe Cig Special Bundle Package’ comes with the same material you get in the starter kit, but for just under $60 USD more you also get an additional rechargeable battery, a car charger, carrying case, and another 5 pack of refill cartridges. The Starter kit retails for $89.95. The Safe Cig company rates the battery life at 5-7 hours depending on the frequency of use during the day.

New Safe Cig Products

New Safe Cig products that have been released over the past few months (or soon) include:

The Safe Cig Micro

The Safe Cig Mirco fits in your pocket eliminating the need for a pricey carrying case.

The Safe Cig Blink

The Blink comes with a portable recharging pack shaped like a traditional cigarette packet for the vapor smoker always on the go and is available as a pre-order at the time of this writing.

All Safe Cig products are now designed and engineered in the state of California. They also come with a 30 day money back guarantee and product warranty.

Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette Vaping Tips

Some tips to get the most out of your Safe Cig or other electronic cigarette include:

  • Take slower and longer drags than you would with a traditional tobacco cigarette. This will help ensure that you generate more vapor than taking shorter drags on the device.
  • If the amount of vapor starts to decrease out of the e cig, the cartridge may be low or out. Many new users of electronic cigarettes will inadvertently vape more often than when they smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes if their work environment permits indoor usage. If you find your cartridges running out too quickly, track how often you are using the device and reduce usage as appropriate.
  • Sometimes batteries go bad. If you have a battery failing to produce vapor after being charged, it could have failed. Try out your vapor smoke with the second battery to confirm.
  • Don’t leave the refill cartridges in hot areas or in direct sunlight. Despite being sealed, the cartridges can have the e juice evaporate if left in hot or humid environments for prolonged periods.

Visit the Safe Cig Store

The SafeCig Micro

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