The Safe Cig Micro Review

The Safe Cig Company is one of the few electronic cigarette businesses that have their products designed and engineered in California. The company has recently released the Safe Cig Micro product that comes in a cardboard flip-top box that is very close to the design of a packet of traditional cigarettes. This is to address the issue made by many smokers that they wanted the case of their e cigs to look and feel like a packet of traditional smokes as much as possible, and the Safe Cig Micro achieves this affect.

The Safe Cig Micro Battery

The Safe Cig Micro battery is significantly smaller and lighter than the traditional Safe Cig electronic cigarette. The micro is rated as having similar responsiveness as the traditional Safe Cig device and the micro battery features additional vents at the bottom that allow for more vapor with less effort on the part of the user. The battery life is assessed as being much shorter than the traditional Safe Cig e cigarette, however, is still a necessary evil when dealing with micro e cigs. The new micro does match the size of a traditional smoke and is one of the lightest batteries on the market.

The Safe Cig Micro Flavors and Vapor

The Safe Cig Micro has 13 total flavors available for the consumer to choose from when purchasing. These include Classic, Traditional, and Menthol (Safe Cig Original Flavors), and 10 additional ones that include: Classic, Brazilian, Columbian, Madagascar, Madrid, Mandalay, Moroccan, Royale, Saharan, Trinidad, and Turkish. Definitely a significant improvement over flavors the company has offered over the past year+.

The Safe Cig Micro Assessment

The new Safe Cig Micro takes vapor smoking to the next level in terms of quality, size, and cost. If you are already a vapor smoker of Safe Cig products, then the Safe Cig Micro make it one of the best transition products on the market today. Add in the money-back guarantee by the company if you’re not happy, then the risk of trying out the micro is even lower.

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The Safe Cig Micro Video

The Safe Cig Micro now available in 13 flavors. Change the way you smoke forever!

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