Troubleshooting GreenSmoke E Cigarette Cartridges

Just a short post for those readers who are regular users of Green Smoke E cigarettes. Some folks have reported having issues with using newer cartridges with what looks to be the older design of the Green Smoke e cig batteries. If you just don’t know which one you have, the newer batteries have two holes near the threads on the battery as well as a slot on the threaded side of the unit. If you have the older batteries, then you may want to back the cartridge off of the battery a tad bit to make them work properly as far as producing sufficient vapor of the right taste and strength.

Although Green Smoke tries their best to make the newer models backwards compatible, sometimes it just can’t be done to 100%. This is one of those cases. Many legacy users of the product report success with using the above method to get more out of the new cartridges while using the older batteries. If this is an issue for you to accomplish, then the Green Smoke company recommends that you upgrade your batteries which work without complaint with the newer-styled cartridges. If you don’t know if you have a new Green Smoke cart or not, they have the nicotine strength and flavor written on them in text and do not have the gold ring that was on the legacy cartomizers.

Best of luck, and please post if you have issues troubleshooting the latest cartridges from Green Smoke with the older hardware!

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