V2 Cigs Announces Availability of New Blue Battery

V2 Cigs is one of the best e cigarette companies on the market for listening to and responding to customer feedback. As a result, the company has now made a new blue battery color available for e cigarette shoppers who want to have a sleek, new look to their vapor smoking device. The new blue battery comes with a unique, white LED that lights up when the consumer inhales or takes a drag on their V2 electronic cigarette.

What Color Options Are Available for V2 Cigs Batteries?

The new blue colored battery is not the only option for V2 Cigs customers searching for a different look and feel to their e cigarette. Other color options available include:

Classic White

Low-profile Black

Sleek Stainless Steel

And the Deep Metallic Blue that has just been released.

What Size Batteries Come in the Blue Color?

The new blue batteries are now available in the standard, long, and shorty lengths. Shoppers can also choose for the V2 Cigs battery to come in automatic or manual modes depending on the user’s preferences.

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V2 Cigs releases BLUE batteries!

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