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How’s this for proactive, the V2 Cigs company has just announced the opening of a new V2 Cigs Clearance sales portal. Now, the company wants you to buy the mainstream goods, however, due to Electronic Cigarette Sale’s unique relationship with V2 Cigs, we are now authorized to let you, the customer check out the new sales section of the V2 portal! Depending on what products you are in the market for, many items are priced at a deep discount of 53% off retail cost.

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What Types of V2 Cigs Products Are on Clearance?

It just depends. As I write this post, there are V2 Menthol, V2 Cherry, V2 Congress, and V2 Coffee cartridges on sale for between 40 and 60 percent of the retail cost. The discounts are so huge, though, if you are a V2 vapor smoker you almost have to check out the V2 Cigs Clearance portal on a daily basis! The company has committed to listing overstocked, clearance, and minor defect items at a significant discount for V2 vapor smokers to take advantage of to further save money.

===== > Vist the V2 Cigs Clearance Site

If You Don’t Like Shopping the Bargain Bin

If you don’t like shopping the Bargain Bin for clearance items, then it is worth checking out the V2 Standard Starter Kit if in the market for a new vapor smoke kit. The company is currently taking $10 USD off of the retail price with no coupon code for a low price of $79.95. The kit comes with a manual and automatic battery, 10 x V2 cartridges, a V2 Charger Combo (includes a wall adapter and USB charger), and a V2 Users manual. Now, a neat deal that the V2 folks offer to couples who smoke and want to make the shift to vapor smoking is the V2 Couples Kit. The Couples Kit basically comes with 2 x Standard Starter Kits but at a low price of $149.95.

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