V2 Cigs Coupon July

The Best E Cig on the market!V2 Cigs is offering their biggest sale of the year from July 2nd – July 4th offering 25 % off all products in the store. This 2 day sale is the largest discount offered across all major brands listed on Electronic Cigarette Sale and makes the cost of a V2 Cigs starter kit less than the cost of 2 cartons of traditional tobacco cigarettes in most states for those looking to get started vapor smoking.

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New V2 Cigs Sahara Flavored Cartridges

The new V2 Cigs Sahara flavored cartridges are now being shipped. This gives V2 cigs 4 different tobacco flavored cartridges to choose from when customers place their initial or refill orders to better match the taste they were used to when smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Other flavor options include Classic Cola, Red-Tobacco, Congress-Tobacco, Menthol-Tobacco, Peppermint, Vanilla, Coffee, and Cherry flavors. All cartridges give you the option of choosing between the nicotine strength as well that ranges from none, to light, medium, and full strength.


V2 Cigs Starter Kit

The V2 Cigs standard starter kit comes with all of the required items to start vapor smoking. The kit ships with both an automatic and manual battery, 10 x V2 flavor cartridges (you get to choose 2 flavor and strength combinations), a V2 charger combo (a wall and USB adapter), and a V2 users manual. If you and your loved one both want to try vapor smoking together, then the V2 Cigs Couples kit gives you double the e cig supplies at a reduced cost as well.

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