V2 Cigs Coupon for June

V2 Cigs : best ecig electronic vapor cigarette on the market!Hot off of the presses, V2 Cigs is offering 20% Off all V2 flavor Cartridges for June. This is a two day sale good only on June 12th and 13th. Although a 5 pack of V2 Cigs cartridges are already discounted, the 20% off coupon will let those current vapor smokers save even more by vapor smoking but also let new vapor smokers take advantage of this significant e cigarette coupon!

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V2 Limited Edition “Blue Kit”

Commensurate with the June special on cartridges, V2 Cigs is now offering a brand new “Blue Kit” electronic cigarette starter kit for Father’s Day. There are only 1,000 blue kits available which comes with FREE SHIPPIN for just $89.95 and guaranteed by V2 Cigs to be received in time for Father’s Day. This kit is a limited edition and only available while supplies last, so if you’re trying to get Dad to make the shift to Vapor Smoking, now is the time!! The V2 Limited Edition Blue Kit comes with the following:

– 2 standard length V2 automatic batteries in a deep metallic blue color
– 25 blue cartridges to match (in our V2 Red flavor) – 12mg
– 1 Wall Adapter
– 1 USB Charger
– 1 Blue Lanyard

– 1 x V2 Cigs User Manual

Did I say that shipping was free for this offer?

V2 Cola Flavored Cartridge

The final announcement is the new flavor available for use with V2 Cigs— Classic Cola. Before V2 Cigs releases new flavors, they test and retest until the right mix is found that consumers will love. With the addition of Classic Cola, there are now 10 total flavor offerings for the V2 Cigs Cartomizers.

If you’re interested in the June cartomizer dicounts, the Blue Kit for dad, or in checking out the new Cola flavored cartridges, then check them out on the V2 Cigs website for additional information.

The Best E Cig on the market!

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