V2 Cigs Disposable Electronic Cigarette

V2 DisposablesV2 Cigs has opened 2012 with the release of the new V2 Disposable electronic cigarette. The device is designed to be a single-use electronic cigarette designed to deliver a thick vapor and quality taste to the vapor smoker. The new V2 product provides a low-cost alternative to existing smokers who are thinking about trying out electronic cigarettes but do not have the financial resources to purchase a traditional e cig starter kit until knowing if vapor smoking is for them.

What Are V2 Cigs Disposables?

V2 Disposables are just that…disposable. The device is available in two flavors: full-flavored tobacco and refreshing menthol as well as two strengths: full or light. Each V2 Cigs disposable e cig is roughly equivalent to smoking two packets of traditional cigarettes and does not require charging or replacing the cartridge on the part of the end-user. There are four options for customers to order the new disposable electronic cigarette from V2:

3 Pack – $24.95

5 Pack – $39.95

10 Pack – $74.95

20 Pack – $139.95

As a special incentive for V2 customers during the month of January, all V2 Standard kits, Traveler Kits, Couples Kits, Ultimate Kits, and cartridge 80 packs will ship with a free V2 Cigs disposable (the company chooses the flavor and nicotine strength based on your order). Previously, the V2 disposable product was only available at brick-n-mortar select locations while undergoing market testing.

What if You Like V2 Cigs Disposable Electronic Cigarettes?

If you enjoy the new V2 disposable product, there are several choices available for shoppers to make the permanent shift from traditional to vapor smoking. First, they can try out the V2 Economy Starter Kit which retails for $59.95 and is designed for people who will use the product during travel or social occasions. The kit ships with only 1 x battery, 2 x 5 packs of vapor cartridges, a V2 Charger combo, and user’s manual.


The V2 Standard Kit is considered the more appropriate choice for those who try out V2 Disposables and decide that vapor smoking is for them. The V2 Standard Kit costs $74.95 and includes:

1 x V2 Automatic Battery

1 x V2 Manual Battery

10 x V2 Flavor cartridges with up to 2 flavor/strength combinations.

V2 Charger Combo (USB and Wall Adapter)

1 x V2 User’s Manual

V2 Cigs Disposable Electronic Cigarette Pros

When compared to new disposable electronic cigarette products from competing brands, V2 disposables are a slightly lower cost option. No longer does a consumer have to fork over the cost of 2-3 cartons of traditional cigarettes to try out vapor smoking when they can pick up a 3 pack of V2 Disposables to see for themselves.

V2 Cigs Disposable Electronic Cigarette Cons

V2 Disposables are only available in two flavors. Although this may seem sufficient to traditional smokers, experienced vapor smokers may find this too limiting when compared against the number of flavor options commonly available for regular electronic cigarette models throughout the industry.

Disposable V2 Cigs E Cigarette Summary

The release of V2 Disposables for purchase from the general public through the company’s online store is a major win for consumers. The new V2 product is now one of the lowest cost, highest quality options for new vapor smokers on the market and is just the latest innovations from one of the leading U.S. e cigarette brands.

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