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V2 Cigs - The THICKEST VAPOR in the business! Smoke Free, Odor Free, & Tar Free!V2 Cigs has quickly grown to be one of the largest electronic cigarette and accessories companies in the United States. Continuing to expand the products offered to their vapor smoking customers, the company now offers V2 Cigs E Liquid or V2 Cigs smoke juice for sale to those customers who prefer to refill their own electronic cigarette cartridges to save money over purchasing prefills. Experienced vapor smokers have found that by making the switch to refilling their own, they also cut down significantly on the waste created from empty e cig cartridges as an added benefit to refilling cartridges.

What is V2 Cigs Platinum E Liquid?

V2 Cigs E Liquid is officially branded V2 Cigs Platinum E-Liquid by the company and is the nicotine (or nicotine free) solution used to create the vapor in an e cigarette. The new Platinum e-liquid is designed to allow customers to refill a used V2 cartridge or to purchase a blank V2 cartridge and fill on your own to start with.

Why Do V2 Cigs Customers Use E Liquid?

V2 Cigs Platinum e liquid is perfect for the vapor smoker who is a heavy product user and goes through cartridges quickly. It is less expensive to refill your own cartridges with the pre-made smoke juice as compared to purchasing pre-fills. Also, filling your own cartridges gives the customer more control over the overall product performance, commonly resulting in a better taste, throat hit, and ultimately more vapor.

How Many Times Can a V2 Cartridge Be Refilled?

It really depends on a number of factors such as the voltage of the battery, type of e liquid, and personal style. The company now carries two types of blank cartridges: Liquid Max Blanks and V2 Blanks. The V2 Blanks are only recommended to be refilled up to 5 times, while the V2 EX Blanks can be refilled up to 20 times.  A good technique to extend the life of your cartridges is to never let them completely dry out. Once dry, the cartridge can ultimate burn and taste horrible. Once a cartridge does have a burnt taste, it should no longer be used. A cartridge that is considered well-saturated should last for a day or more based on the frequency of use by the consumer. If you mix flavors in a cartridge that is either not yet empty or that you have not cleaned, the flavors will mix creating a unique taste.

Should You Clean Your V2 Cigs Cartridges Before Refilling?

It depends. Some vapor smokers will clean their cartridges to change the flavor or extend the cartridge life. V2 has not published an official method of cleaning the cartridges out at the time of this writing; however, mentions washing, cleaning, or boiling the cartridge. Other vapor smokers will swear by keeping the same flavor in the same cartridge to eliminate the overhead of having to clean out multiple cartridges.

What Are the Flavors of V2 Cigs E Liquid Available?

With the initial release of V2 Cigs Platinum E Liquid, there were onlyfour flavors of smoke juice available: V2 Red, V2 Sahara, V2 Menthol, and V2 Peppermint. Due to the success of V2 Cigs e liquid with consumers, the product line has been expanded to now include 10 e liquid flavors: V2 Red, V2 Congress, V2 Sahara, V2 Menthol, V2 Peppermint, V2 Mint Tea, V2 Cherry, V2 Chocolate, V2 Vanilla, and V2 Coffee. The available nicotine strengths include Zero (0mg), Light (6mg), Medium (12 mg), and Full (mg). Each of the bottles of e liquid are child-proof and include a dropper built into the lid. Each 10 ml bottle of V2 e liquid is rated to fill approximately 10 cartridges using 20 drops to the cartridge. Every 25 ml bottle should fill approximately 25 cartridges at the same rating. To give you an idea of the price savings by refilling your own cartridges, at the time of this writing

1 x 10 ML Bottle of V2 Cigs Platinum E Liquid: $9.95 (~10 Cartridge Equivalence, ~$0.95 per cartridge) (No longer stocked)

V2 Cigs E Liquid

A bottle of 25 mL V2 Cigs Platinum E Liquid.

1 x 25 ML Bottle of V2 Cigs Platinum E Liquid: $16.95 (~25 Cartridge Equivalence, ~$0.76 per cartridge)

V2 Cigs Blank Cartridges: $54.95 (40 Pack)

V2 Liquid Max Blanks: $12.95

V2 Cigs Cartridge Refills (40 Pack): $49.95

In addition to saving money, you will also create less waste by refilling your own V2 cartridges.

How Do You Refill V2 Cigs Cartridges with E Liquid?

There are a number of methods that can be used to refill a V2 Cigs or other manufacturer’s cartridges with e liquid. The following are several methods that you can consider using and are approved by the V2 Cigs company. Before you decide to start filling your own; however, realize that when you start dealing with e liquid that contains nicotine, it can be absorbed through the skin and cause irritation. Also, if left uncovered and unattended, the e liquid can prove fatal if ingested by small animals or children and should be treated appropriately! E juice should never be ingested and stored with the bottle sealed tightly away from where curious kids can get to it!

How to Refill V2 Cigs Cartridges Using a V2 Drip Tip

V2 Cigs recommends this method for the newbie or those who don’t have steady hands J and is the easiest refill method.

V2 Cigs Aluminum Drip Tips

V2 Cigs Aluminum Drip Tips.

Step 1 – Remove the end cap from the cartridge by inserting something small like a toothpick, paperclip, or tweezers into the small center hole. Then, pry the cap off. Ensure you have already disconnected the battery!

Step 2 – Attach a V2 Drip Tip to the mouthpiece end of the cartridge.

Step 3 – Drop the e juice or eliquid directly into the drip tip hole.

Step 4 – Remove the drip tip and allow the e-liquid to fully absorb for 20 minutes. Some users like to vape using the rubber drip tip, but ensure you have wiped any excess e liquid from the tip and have not overfilled the cartridge!

How to Refill V2 Cigs Cartridges Using the E Liquid Bottle Dropper

Step 1 – Remove the safety cap from the cartridge after disconnecting the battery.  Then, remove the white cap on the top of the cartridge using a paperclip or toothpick by inserting it into the intake hole and prying off. If you see an o-ring it should be removed as well.

Step 2 – Completely fill the V2 e-liquid bottle cap dropper with e juice.
Step 3 – Hold the cartridge at an angle and drop the e liquid around the inside edge of the cartridge until the filler material appears wet. Do not add liquid to the center post of the cartridge while doing this step (or ever). For a new, empty cartridge this step will normally consist of 10-18 total drops.

Step 4 – After filling the cartridge, replace the o ring and white cap. Then, wipe off any excess e liquid around the edge of the cartridge. Allow it to sit for at least 20 minutes before vaping.

You may need to do this several times, letting the filler soak up the liquid in between drops

V2 Cigs Blank Cartridges

V2 Cigs Blank Cartridges.

Replace white cap and clean off any e-liquid around the edge.

How to Refill V2 Cigs Cartridges Using the Reverse Drip Method

This method is preferred by experienced vapor smokers who are looking for a quick top-off of their cartridge.

Step 1 – Remove the cartridge from the e cig battery.

Step 2 – Drip e liquid into the threaded cartridge hole (being careful to not drip it outside of the hole. You should see the e juice disappear into the hole. Take care not to go too fast or the juice will spill onto the cartridge threads.

Step 3 – Clean off any remaining e liquid residue.
Step 4 – Let the cartridge sit for a few minutes before using.

What Should You Do if You Get E Liquid into the Center Post of a Cartridge?

First, don’t panic! You don’t have to throw away the cartridge. If you muck up and get e liquid into the center post, just place a paper towel or napkin on the screw-end of the cartridge. Then, blow into the cartridge from the mouthpiece end to expel the juice. Do not inhale! You are trying to expel the e juice here!!! Now, to avoid getting e liquid into the center post, you can insert a toothpick into the post while filling the cartridge to ensure you can’t accidently put e liquid into it!

Does V2 Cigs Stock the Accessories I need to Refill My Own Cartridges?

The short answer is yes! V2 Cigs sells blank e cig cartridges, 10 and 25 mL bottles of e liquid, and both rubber or aluminum drip tips. You’ll have to get your own paperclip or toothpick at the time of this writing though! J

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