V2 Cigs Limited Edition Mother’s Day Starter Kit

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. In order to help Mom make the switch to vapor smoking, V2 Cigs has announced a limited edition Mother’s Day Starter Kit that is now available for purchase. The new e cigarette starter kit is on sale for just $69.95 while the kits remain in stock. The V2 engineers specially tailored the kit to meet most Mom’s preferences both on the color of the e cigarette and cartridges as well as the newly designed lanyard.

What Does Mom Get with the Limited Edition Mother’s Day Starter Kit?

V2 Cigs Mothers Day SaleThe special edition V2 Cigs Mother’s Day Starter Kit is priced at the rock bottom price of $69.95 and can be shipped via UPS or the U.S. Postal Service and can be shipped internationally. V2 Cigs offers the same 30 day money-back guarantee on this kit as their other merchandise if purchased from the online store.

The Mother’s Day Starter Kit comes with:

–          2 Pink automatic batteries.

–          1 x Pink lanyard.

–          10 x Pink Passion Fruit Flavor Cartridges (light)

–          1 x Smart Charger

–          1 x Wall Charger

–          1 x V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit User’s Manual

New V2 Cigs Pink Passion Fruit Flavor Cartridges

As part of the newly designed starter kit for Mother’s Day, V2 Cigs has also engineered a new pink passion fruit flavor cartridge that comes in a pink case. The new cartridge flavor is only being produced in a limited quantity for Mother’s Day and can be purchased separately for $9.95 for 5 cartridges if Mom does not need a full starter kit this year.

V2 Cigs Pink Passion Fruit cartridges

V2 Cigs Merchandise Gift Certificates

Some shoppers may have Mom’s who want to select their own merchandise from V2 Cigs instead of making a starter kit or other purchase for them. Responding to this demand, V2 Cigs now offers  a customizeable gift certificate that you can give her to use on her own at the online store. The gift certificates can be purchased in any amount from $1 to $1,000 USD depending on how much money you think Mom needs for her V2 Cigs shopping.


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