V2 Cigs New Product Sale

The V2 Cigs company has had a busy spring! The brand recently announced a special 10% off sale to coincide with the release of several new V2 Cigs products. The V2 Cigs new product sale includes specials on: the new V2 Cigs Express Kit, the new Portable Charging Case (PCC), Portable Charging Case XL (PCC), the new Metal Carry Case (PCC) and XL version of the case, and improved lanyard, a new 2-Amp auto adapter, a new express chargers and smarter charger with USB cord.

V2 Cigs New Websites

V2 Cigs just didn’t stop with the release of a number of improved and unique electronic cigarette kits and accessories; however, as their primary web portal has also undergone a redesign. In order to help customers more easily navigate the site, the redesign took into account usability and now lets the consumer choose their favorite flavors, colors, sizes, and strength. There is also a new feature that displays the estimated shipping time for one’s order without waiting to see if the products were in stock or not at the time of ordering.

V2 Cigs Combo Deals

Kind of lost in the mix of all of the new products and special 10 % discount is the new V2 Cigs Combo Deals section of the website. Now when customers go to V2 to build a new order, the site will offer special one-time discounts on complimenting items for the individuals e cigarette order. The intention is to give new (or old customers) the option to buy popular accessories that they may not have thought of when placing an initial order.

New V2 Cigs Product Packaging

Announced alongside the new product offerings, V2 Cigs is now providing an improved product packaging. The V2 Cigs Starter Kits now come with all of the cartridges tucked into the same, streamlined package. The flavor cartridge packaging also includes and expiration date to ensure consumers only receive fresh cartridge that are foil safe sealed to prolong the freshness of the product and protect them during shipping.

New V2 Cigs Express Kit

The newly released V2 Cigs Express Kit is the most affordable start kit offered by V2 Cigs. Considered more ideal than trying out V2 Cigs Disposables for the new vapor smoker (it recharges), the express kit features a single white, rechargeable V2 batter, single V2 cartridge, and an Express Charger.

V2 Cigs Express Kit Contents:

V2 Cigs Express Kit

V2 Cigs Express Kit

1 Standard V2 Automatic White Battery

1 NEW Express Charger

1 V2 Flavor Cartridge (available in V2 Red (American Tobacco), Menthol, and other flavor choices).

How to Get the Most Vapor from a V2 Cigs Automatic Battery

A V2 Cigs e cigarette is a little different animal than the standard ignitable cigarette. To obtain the thickest vapor from the V2 Cigs Express Starter kit, you may need to prime the e cigarette. To achieve this effect, you will need to take several strong puffs in rapid succession before you take a long, slow puff. Doing this will help heat the e-liquid in the device to the correct temperature and will result in thick vapor on your subsequent puffs of the device.

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V2 Cigs - Smokeless. Odorless. Guiltless. All The Flavor and Satisfaction.

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