V2 Cigs Valentine’s Day Sale

V2 Cigs - Happy Valentine's Day - 20% OFF SALE Monday Feb. 14th, 2011!The V2 Cigs brand is one of the fastest growing, U.S. E cig companies on the market. If you are a current smoker or vapor user who is looking to either make the shift to vapor smokes or to switch brands, then you will want to check out the V2 Cigs Valentine’s Day Sale. The company is offering their V2 Cigs Couples kit on sale for just $129.95 along with free shipping and 2 free lanyards from now through Valentine’s Day. If you aren’t buying for two, however, V2 Cigs is also offering 20% off on Monday, February 14th, 2011 only. This discount is good on all V2 Cigs merchandise that includes accessories, starter kits, and V2 Cigs cartridges.

V2 Cigs Couples Kit

The V2 Cigs Couples kit is a popular choice for couples who are making the shift to vapor smoking together. The Couples kit is cheaper than buying two individual starter kits, so it is even a good choice if you just want to give a kit to a friend or family member that you want to try out vapor smoking if you do not have a significant other to share the kit with. Others buy the kit just to have a back-up on hand in the event they lose or experience issues with their primary Starter Kit. The V2 Couples Kit comes with: 2 stardard V2 kits. This includes 2 x V2 standard length batteries (1 x manual and 1 x auto battery), 10 x V2 cartridges (you can choose up to two different nicotine strengths and two different flavors), a V2 Charger combo (USB and Wall adapter) and a V2 User’s manual. The V2 cartridges are availble in the following flavors if you are looking at purchasing the Couple’s kit for Valentine’s Day this year: Congress Tobacco, Cowboy Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco, Cherry, Vanilla, and Coffee.

V2 Cigs Comparison Video

V2 Cigs for Valentine’s Day

If you’ve been putting off making the shift to vapor smoking, then taking advantage of the V2 Cigs Valentine’s Day specials will not only help you do so, but you’ll save money in the process. Over the long term, if you make a permanent shift to using e cigarettes, then you can expect to save up to 1-2 thousand dollars a year depending on how much you currently smoke and the state taxes on cigarettes in your locality. V2 Cigs products come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty, so what do you have to lose by trying them out?
V2 Cigs - VALENTINES SPECIAL - Couples Kit $129.95 - FREE Shipping + 2 Free Lanyards!

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