V2 Electronic Cigarette Review

V2 Cigs - The THICKEST VAPOR in the business! Smoke Free, Odor Free, & Tar Free!The V2 Electronic Cigarette is a relatively new product produced by the V2 company based out of Miami Beach, Florida. The company is owned by three ex-smokers who are committed to helping smokers find an alternative to traditional smoking through the vapor smoking products offered by V2. V2cigs only produces the maintenance-free, two-piece electronic cigarettes in order to eliminate as many barriers as possible for the smoker considering trying out e cigs.

V2 Cigs Customer Service

Unlike many of the other brands on the market, V2 keeps the “small company” feel when dealing with customers. The company reports a 79% satisfaction rate with the customer base when contacted after purchasing a V2 Economy or Starter Kit. Additionally, V2 is continually looking at ways to improve their products and recently improved the kit battery this past August which resulted in an increase in vapor and 25-35% increase in battery life for their e cigarettes. Another change made for the positive with the V2 products was the manual button on the product being re-designed in order to prevent inadvertent actuation of the e cigarette when being transported in a pocket or a purse.

V2 Cigs Beginner’s Starter Kit

The cheapest way to try out Vapor Smoking with V2 Cigs is to try out their Beginner’s Kit. The Kit is also good for those who don’t plan on vapor smoking every day, but want an e cig to take out for the odd social occasion. The V2 Economy Starter Kit comes with the following: 1 x V2 battery, 2 x 5 Packs of E Cigarette Cartridges (You choose the strength and flavor), a USB and Wall adapter charger, and a V2 Users manual. When you order the V2 Beginner’s Kit, the company lets you pick up to two flavors from the following options: Cowboy Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco, Coffee, Vanilla, Chery, and Congress Tobacco. The atomizer is built into the cartridge for the V2 product, so you do not have to worry about cleaning out your e cig like you do with three piece models sold by other companies. The V2 Cartridges are rated at 150-220 puffs depending on how deep you inhale the product with each cartridge being roughly equivalent to a pack of tobacco cigarettes. The device battery is designed to recharge in two to three hours.

V2 Cigs Standard Starter Kit

The V2 Standard Starter Kit is very similar to the Beginner’s Kit, but includes more of the components that you need to vapor smoke daily. The kit comes with: 1 V2 automatic batter, 1 V2 manual battery, 10 e cigarette cartridges, V2 charger combination with cord, and a V2 users manual. Just like the economy kit, you can choose up to two flavors and nicotine strengths when purchasing the V2 Cigs Standard Starter Kit.

V2 Cigs Shipping Information

V2Cigs shipping options include: USPS (free shipping option), USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground, UPS 3 Day, and UPS Overnight delivery. The shipping costs are estimated when you checkout at the online store and you will get an email when your order leaves the V2 warehouse. Within the U.S., the starter kits can be shipped using Priority Mail and no handling fees are charged. Shipping days are Monday through Friday except for major U.S. Holidays. If you live internationally, V2 Cigs will ship to your country, but you will need to ensure that your country permits delivery of vapor smoke products through the mail before ordering.

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V2 Electronic Cigarette Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

3 comments to V2 Electronic Cigarette Review

  • lela

    GREATEST thing ever! I love the V2 everything from its style its promance and their flavors! I bought mine in stainless steel to me its so classy and I don’t think Ive seen it offered any where else at least as the same price as the other colors! For me with the V2 as soon as a got it I started using it and it was that simple to stop smoking normal cigs! I also have a 20% discount code*(121075)* good for any kit you decide you want and there is no Exp. date so you don’t have to wonder if it is going to work once you get to the site! Good luck hope you love your new V2!!!!!

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  • Grace

    I order V2 cig electronic cigarett and use discount rate for 15percent and never got it but when I called customer service asking me for the code that I registered it in the Internet never copied how would I remember something that I type .please remember to write down your promotional code

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  • I have and have tried Blu, No 7′s, Metro (Nicotek), Cig2o and others (All in either disposable or rechargeable) But I was never quite as happy until I found the V2′s.

    The batteries did not last long on the others, some that had a vanilla flavour also had a hazlenut or even a coffee taste to them (I just want plain sweet vanilla),

    Many only had red or menthol, some did not have vanilla in different grades of nicotine (I am trying to gradually step down after spinal surgery a couple weeks ago)

    Everything I have found in the V2′s especially the vanilla flavour (no other flavours added in like some) in different nicotine grades, along with different accessories I want to try is what sold me and will keep me coming back.

    I purchased a metal case (which I want to keep) But I really keep eyeing a softcase (would work better for my purse) And another standard battery so I do not have to wait when one battery wears out. I am considering the V2 Express Kit but I only wish it came with vanilla.

    So many choices, so many great ways. I will definitely spread the word and hope one day to purchase some more accessories when I refill on more cartridges.

    A very happy, satisfied, and loving v2 customer (Who has tried them almost all)

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