V2 Traveler Kit Review

V2 Traveler KitOne of the fastest growing electric cigarette brands in the United States is the V2 Cigs brand. The company has been on the American market since the summer of 2010 and offers a number of starter kits for new vapor smokers to choose from. One of the more popular kits is the V2 Traveler Kit. This kit is designed for the vapor smoker who is away from home a significant amount of time and needs to ensure they have what it is needed with them to enjoy a good vapor smoke. The kit comes with a car and wall charger and 15 cartridges to help you keep your unit up while on the road.

V2 Traveler Kit Review?

The V2 Traveler Kit is designed for the mobile vapor smoker. If you work a lot, or are just away from your house a lot with the kids then this kit may be the perfect choice for you. The kit comes with the following:

  • 2 x V2 Cigs batteries (1 x automatic and 1 x manual battery unless you change to 2 x of the same type)
  • 15 x V2 Flavor cartridges (you can choose a combination of 3 flavors or strengths).
  • V2 Charger Combo with a cord (Wall Adapter and a USB Charger).
  • V2 Cigs Users Manual
  • Auto Travel Adapter
  • Personal Charging Case
  • V2 Notebook-Cig

The V2 Notebook-Cig is one of the favorites of this kit with business travelers since it lets you plug a cartridge into any laptop or computer and enjoy a thick vapor smoke without having to worry about running down one of your batteries.

Why Should You Try Out the V2 Traveler Kit?

If you are an existing vapor smoker, or are looking to become one and are out of the home a lot, then the V2 Traveler Kit is worth checking out. All V2 Cigs products come with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a one year warranty on the products. If you make the shift to using the V2 Cigs products, then you can save up to $2K a year over smoking a pack-a-day of traditional tobacco cigarettes.
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