V2 Ultimate Kit Week 2 Giveaway Winner

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - #1 Ecig Brand Worldwide!

As we announced last week, ElectronicCigaretteSale.net is continuing to team up with V2 Cigs for the month of April by giving away one free V2 Cigs Ultimate electronic cigarette starter kit per week to consumers over 18 years of age that signup on our website’s signup form. We are pleased to announce that the Week 2 winner of the contest is Ms. Cassandra Dickie from Jacksonville, Florida!

How Do You Enter the Electronic Cigarette Sale Ultimate Kit Giveaway?

It’s easy. Just click here, or on the banner on the right-hand side of our website and enter your name and email address. We do a “double opt-in” to avoid any issues about spam, so you will need to go to your email and confirm the contest sign-up and that’s it! If you are selected, I notify you by email. Then, in order to claim your prize, you will need to provide us your mailing address, phone number, and confirmation of age (done in private via email), and V2 cigs nicotine and flavor preferences. We then pass these on to V2 Cigs who take care of closing the deal with you and sending you the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit.

What if I’m Just Not Lucky?

Well, neither do I! But no fear, if you signed up during week 1 (or sign-up during subsequent weeks), you remain eligible for week 2 through 4 giveaways and do not have to sign-up again! If you are impatient; however, and want to try out vapor smoking, then it may be worth the cost of about half-a-carton of traditional cigarettes to try out the new V2 Cigs Express Kit

What Does the V2 Cigs Express Kit Include?

The new V2 Cigs Express Kit is one of the most affordable, rechargeable starter kits offered by V2 Cigs. For the first time vapor smoker, this kit offers a single, white rechargeable V2 standard batter, a single V2 flavor cartridge, and an express charger which is sufficient to see if you prefer the taste and feel of vapor smoking! For those who think they may want more than one cartridge to get the feel of vapor smoking, then the V2 Cigs Economy kit (10 cartridges) at a price of $49.95 (one carton of smokes roughly) may be a better option.

V2 Express Kit Components

The V2 Express Kit includes:

1 V2 Standard White Automatic Battery
1 V2 Flavor Cartridge
1 NEW Express Charger

V2 Economy Kit Components

1 V2 Standard Automatic Battery
10 V2 Flavor Cartridges
1 Wall Adapter
1 NEW Smart Charger
1 V2 Manual

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V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - #1 Ecig Brand Worldwide!

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