Vapor Zone 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Vapor Zone is quickly becoming one of the most popular, new electronic cigarette brands on the market. The company is making news this year by being one of the first e cig companies to have a Super Bowl commercial! We don’t know at what point during the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks game the commercial will air, but in the event you miss it or just want to check out the commercial before or after the game, we’ve included it for fans of Electronic Cigarette Sale in this post!

2014 Vapor Zone Super Bowl Commercial

Vapor Zone Starter Kits

The Vapor Zone company offers five starter kits for the consumer to choose from based on the different atomizers provided by the company. They allow other products to work with the atomizer and also have a fairly extensive selection of accessories and other products to allow one to customize the vaporizer and get the most out of the Vapor Zone e cig product.

Vapor Zone Pro Starter Kit

The Vapor Zone Pro comes with a 1000mAh batter that provides a number of features to allow the vapor smoker a large amount of control over the kit. Included with the starter kit is a USB Charging cable, a Wall Charging Cable, a Pro-L cartomizer, a membership card, and three additional atomizers.

Vapor Zone Jet Starter Kit

The Vapor Zone Jet starter kit uses the Jet vaporizer. The kit features a 650mAh better that includes a digital screen, puff count, and battery meter. Included with the Jet Kit are 2 extra atomizers, 1 x USB charging cable, a wall charging adapter, one mouthpiece cap, and 1 x Jet cartomizer.

Vapor Zone Pulse Starter Kit

The Vapor Zone Pulse Starter Kit is one of the most versatile units sold by the company. When purchasing the kit, one gets two high-tech 750 mAh pulse batteries along with a number of additional accessories. In also includes a cordless e cig charge that also provides a dual function as a display station for the battery. The starter kit also comes with 2 x premium charges, a wall charging adapter, and 1 x USB charging cable.

Vapor Zone Rebel Starter Kit

The Vapor Zone Rebel kit was made to out-perform almost all of the e cig vaporizers available on the market. The Rebel provides a large number of options for the consumer to tweak performance and makes use of high drain batteries that leverage microprocessors to manage the voltage and strength of the unit’s battery. The Rebel Kit comes with 1 x rechargeable high capacity batter, 1 x rechargeable standard capacity batter, 1 x Rebel Dual Head tank Cartomizer, 1 x wall charger, and 1 x telescopic variable voltage vaporizer.

Vapor Zone Air Starter Kit

The Vapor Zone Air starter kit is the most basic device made available for the new vapor smoker or for those who just want a more basic e cig to experience. The Air Kit includes 1 x Air Cartomizer, 1 x 350 mAh air battery, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x wall charging adapter, and 1 x mouthpiece.

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