What Flavors Are Available with GreenSmoke?

Discount GreenSmoke Cartridges

Discount GreenSmoke Cartridges

The GreenSmoke electronic cigarette has grown to be one of the most popular esmokes on the market. GreenSmoke is one of the few ecig models available that come in a two piece design with an atomizer built into the electronic cigarette cartridge that also contains the e liquid which is heated and creates the vapor smoke that the user inhales.

What Flavors Can You Get in the GreenSmoke Cartridge?

When you purchase e cig cartridges for the GreenSmoke e cig there are a number of flavors available for you to choose from. These include menthol, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, traditional tobacco, coffee, and apple at the time of this writing. You can also choose between five different nicotine strengths for their e cig cartridges to include 0 mg, 4 mg, 6 mg, 8 mg, and 16 mg.

How Does the GreenSmoke Nicotine Strength Compare to Traditional Tobacco?

Most smokers that are ready to make the shift to vapor smoke want to know how the nicotine strength compares to traditional smokes. It may vary slightly between smokers, but a rough comparison that is publicized by GreenSmoke is:

1 16 mg GreenSmoke cartridge is equivalent to the nicotine found in a packet of unfiltered smokes.

1 8 mg GreenSmoke cartridge is equivalent to that found in a packet of regular smokes.

1 6 mg GreenSmoke cartridge is equivalent to that found in a packet of light cigarettes.

1 4 mg GreenSmoke cartridge is equivalent to that found in a packet of ultra light cigarettes.

1 0mg GreenSmoke cartridge does not contain any nicotine but has the life equivalent to a packet of smokes.

Some cigarette users try to use the 0mg nicotine strength in order to quit smoking, however, it does not do anything to address their nicotine addiction and the resulting withdrawal symptoms. Ecigs are also not approved to be used as smoking cessation devices, so there is not a lot of well-versed literature on how to incorporate the products into a stop smoking plan.

All of the flavors and nicotine strengths of the GreenSmoke e cig cartridges have one thing in common – they do not contain the more than 4000 chemicals that are found in traditional smokes that do your body harm .

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