What is in the Cigana Electronic Cigarette?

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The Cigana E Cig is a popular electronic cigarette brand that uses a built-in atomizer to vaporize the e juice in the e cig cartridge to provide the vapor smoke you inhale. The vapor inhaled does not have a smell and does not contain the toxins or carcinogens found in the second hand smoke emitted by traditional cigarettes. The Cigana Elite e cig is comprised of two pieces: the cartridge and the battery.

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Cigana Electronic Cigarette Battery

The Cigana electronic cigarette battery is lithium-ion and is used to provide power to the atomizer in the unit which is used to vaporize the e liquid. In order to use your Cigana product, the battery must be connected to the e cig cartridge and be fully charged. When you then inhale on the e cig, a sensor detects the change in air flow and turns the atomizer on which then vaporizes the e juice which you inhale. In order to provide additional stimulation, a visual LED light illuminates on the end of the unit to simulate smoking a real cigarette. The Cigana electronic cigarette battery is designed to last between 8 and 12 hours in total. When the battery is running out of juice, the LED light will begin to blink and the amount of total vapor produced by the e cig is reduced significantly until no longer produced. Once your Cigana e cig battery runs out of juice, it will take two to three hours to fully recharge. As a result, most Cigana users prefer to keep two batteries handy in order to avoid not being able to vapor smoke during the day if their unit runs low or out of charge.

Cigana Electronic Cigarette Cartridge

The Cigana e cig cartridge contains both the atomizer and the e juice for the unit. The e juice has both the nicotine solution, flavoring, and propylene glycol which is used to produce the visual vapor seen when you vape the Cigana unit. Unlike other models of e cig, the Cigana unit is designed to have a disposable atomizer unlike some other brands eliminating the need to conduct maintenance on your unit. One Cigana e cig cartridge is designed to last for an equivalent of 15 traditional tobacco cigarettes depending on your rate of use. The Cigana e cig cartridge is available to purchase in a variety of flavors to include apply, cherry, chocolate, coffee, light or regular tobacco, vanilla, menthol, and almond. They offer a variety of nicotine strengths as well to include none, low (6 MG), medium (11 MG), high (16 MG), and Extra High (24 MG).

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