What’s the Cheapest Way to Try Out GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarettes?

Many smokers find themselves wanting to try out electronic cigarettes, but are scared off by the high prices of GreenSmoke e cig starter kits. This is despite the 30 day money back guarantee offered by GreenSmoke. Unlike Smoke Assassin, you will not find a significant number of complaints online regarding GreenSmoke failing to honor their 30 day money back guarantee, or making it almost impossible to get a human on the phone to get your product returned and money back. The cheapest way to try out GreenSmoke e cigs is to buy the GreenSmoke USB e-cig.

What is the GreenSmoke USB Electronic Cigarette?

The GreenSmoke USB electronic cigarette is powered directly from your computer’s USB port. The starting price of the USB electronic cigarette kit is $50, or you can also get 10% off of the USB starter kit from our site for your first

Green Smoke USB Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke USB Electronic Cigarette

GreenSmoke purchase using coupon code 8454. The kit comes with a 5 pack of electronic cigarette cartridges that you get to choose the nicotine strength and flavoring. This product may be the one for you if you use the computer or work on one frequently and is the most inexpensive means to try out vapor smoking from GreenSmoke. If you need to look at a portable e cig smoking solution, you will want to consider the Green Smoke starter kit.

Where Can I Plug in the GreenSmoke USB E Cigarette?

When you buy the USB GreenSmoke electronic cigarette, it will only work when plugged in. It will work on voltages that are similar to that required to charge your computer or IPod, but requires a USB plug to work since there is no battery in the unit. It uses the same cartridges as traditional GreenSmoke electronic cigarettes, so if you decide to make the shift to the traditional electronic cigarette, you will not lose the ability to use the electronic cigarette cartridges that come with your USB powered e cig.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

What Are the Pros and Cons of the GreenSmoke USB Electronic Cigarette?

Well, one con is that you have to be beside a USB power source to use them. No big deal for your home, but if you have a job where you do not work beside a computer it might not be the right solution for you to try out initially. Especially with the 30 day money back guarantee from GreenSmoke that is backed up through proof of action by the company.

Another con of the USB electronic cigarette is that if you are used to the social aspect of smoking, you would have to take your laptop out to your business, school, or company smoking area to enjoy the vaping with your friends.

Pros: You can try out e cigs for a small up-front cost. If you enjoy the experience, you don’t lose any money with the un-used cartridges if you decide to purchase the portable electronic cigarette from Green Smoke.

The GreenSmoke USB e cig is easy to use. You can screw it together and start vaping. It produces similarly strong vapor as the Green Smoke starter kit and uses the same cartridges as other GreenSmoke products.

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