Where Can You Buy VG E Liquid?

Unfortunately, not all vapor smokers can use cartomizers or e liquid that contains propylene glycol (PG) due to sensitivities to the substance or personal preferences. PG is the substance in the e liquid used to create the visual vapor that you see when vaping an e cigarette. Not to worry though, VG, or Vegetable Glycerine can be used as a suitable substitute for PG. A common question that arises with vapor smokers; however, is where can you buy VG e liquid?

Johnson Creek Red Oak VG E Liquid

The Red Oak VG-based e liquid or smoke juice produced by Johnson Creek (JC) was one of the first, if not the first, propylene glycol free e liquid sold on the commercial market. Originally produced in 2008, with the current recipe adopted in 2009, the JC Red Oak line of smoke juice is targeted to the vapor smoker who finds that PG-based cartomizers irritate their throat slightly. Most JC customers do not find a difference in taste between the Red Oak line and the traditional JC Smoke Juice (PG-based) and is one of the most popular locations for vapor smokers to pick-up VG-based e liquid or smoke juice for electronic cigarettes.

Johnson Creek Red Oak Sample Pack

JC Red Oak Sample Pack

JC Red Oak Sample Pack

The Johnson Creek Red Oak Smoke Juice Sample Pack is designed for the vapor smoker who wants to try out all of the Red Oak (VG-based) flavors before picking a favorite or three to stock-up on. The sample pack comes with a storage bin and each bottle contains 3.6 mL of smoke juice. The flavors included are: Domestic, Marcado, Island, Wisconsin Frost, Swiss Dark, Valencia, and Tennessee Cured. The Red Oak line of e liquid is made with all US-sourced ingredients had comes in varying levels of nicotine strength (using 1.8% == to 18 mg/mL equivalencies). The sample pack is regularly priced at $15.95 and will deliver significantly more use than an equivalent amount of traditional tobacco cigarettes to the end-user.

What Are the Types of E Cigarettes?

Johnson Creek customers use a variety of electronic cigarette styles. These include:

Pen-Style E Cig

The first type of electronic cigarette made. Looks like a traditional cigarette in a holder similar to those popular in the 1960’s and 1920’s. The cartridge is large and will hold about 1.3 mL of smoke juice or e liquid.

Mini E Cig

Mini electronic cigarettes look very similar to traditional smokes but are still a little larger in size. The cartridge size on these models will vary a bit, but will normally range between .5mL to 1mL in e liquid storage capacity.

Supermini E Cig

A supermini e cigarette is normally the same size of a traditional smoke. It will have a much smaller battery and cartridge capacity when compared to mini’s or other, larger models of electronic cigarette. Will typically hold between .2mL and .5mL of smoke juice.

Electronic Cigars

These models look very similar to regular cigars, but use a similar cartridge to pen-style e cigs. They will typically hold up to 1.5mL of smoke juice.

Electronic Pipe

These models can be hard to find sometimes, but when you do you will find that they hold more than 2mL of eliquid. Blanks are also hard to find for these cartridges.

Disposable E Cigarettes

There are a number of disposable electronic cigarettes hitting the market lately. Although the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) crowd may argue otherwise, Johnson Creek does not recommending manual refill of these models when used up.

How to Refill an Electronic Cigarette Cartridge

Vapor smokers will commonly turn to refilling their own cartridges after they have been vaping for a while in order to save even more money over traditional tobacco smoking. The JC recommended instructions for refilling a blank cartridge for the first time are:

Step 1 – Remove the blank cartridge from the box and remove any cap or wrapper on the cartridge.
Step 2 – Slowly fill the syringe (if using a needle and syringe to refill the smoke juice) with the e liquid. Remember the sizes mentioned above. You can start at 1.3mL for pen style devices and between .2 and .6mL for mini cartridges until you get the feel for your specific hardware.

Step 3 – Lower the tip of the needle to the bottom of the fill material in the cartridge.

Step 4 – Slowly fill the cartridge. Ensure you raise the needle as you fill the cartridge. Alternatively, if you are using a dropper bottle, slowly drip a few drops at a time into the cartridge. You will wait until the fill material absorbs the smoke juice before you add more. If you see liquid pooling on the top of the cartridge, it may be over-filled.

Step 5 – Empty left over e liquid into the original bottle.

Step 6 – Cover the needle and store in a safe place. Ensure you track how many times that you have refilled a cartridge. JC recommends to limit refills to 5-6 total to avoid breakdown of the polyester in the cartridge which can result in damage to the e cig atomizer. If this occurs, then the taste of your vapor smoke will significantly suffer!

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  • phoenix vanion

    I have trouble with my throat and lungs with regular e-juice and wondered if 100% VG will solve my problem. It hurts a lot to smoke my e-cigs. Worse than cigarettes ever did. I really want to continue with e-cigs but it makes me feel like I have a lung infection or something! And I know I don’t. Is VG helpful to others in that respect?

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