Where Can You Find Red Bull E Liquid?Where Can You Find Red Bull E Liquid?

Over the past decade,Red Bull has become one of the most popular energy drinks on the market in the United States. Although the company does not affiliate itself with any e liquid manufacturer,many e liquid producers make a red bull or energy drink flavored e liquid for you to purchase for use with your electronic cigarette kit. With the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes as an alternative to traditional tobacco smokes,many e cig users are finding themselves attracted to some of the alternate e cig flavors offered on the market such as the Red Bull flavored e liquid offered by most American based e juice companies.

Why Should You Buy Your Own E Liquid?

Well,for one thing,if you like Red Bull,you will more than likely enjoy the Red Bull or Red Bull-like flavored E liquid. Also,dripping your own e liquid is one of the most effective ways to ensure you see the greatest savings from using

American Made E Liquid

American Made E Liquid

your electronic cigarette in place of traditional tobacco. It does take more effort and attention to safety to fill your own electronic cigarette cartridges,however,you can drive the cost of a single e cig cartridge that is equivalent to half of a packet of traditional smokes down significantly. For a pack a day smoker,30 ml of e liquid will last for approximately two weeks with a bit of variance based on how much you really smoke,model of e cig,etc.

Where Can You Find Red Bull Flavored E Liquid?

There are a number of American based e liquid companies that offer Red Bull flavored e liquid along with a number of other flavors and strengths of nicotine. Other flavors offered include Apple Orchards,Banana,Cherry Blossom,Chocolate Bliss,Coffee – Good to the Last Vape,Flavorless,Kiwi,Lemon,Mango,Marlboro,Menthol/Mint,Peach,Pineapple,Regular Tobacco,Strawberry Fields,USA Mix – Custom Tobacco Flavor,and Vanilla Bean. Their e liquid is American made in Pensylvania and is currently on sell for $18.95 for a 30 ml bottle. Their 30 ml bottles of e juice normally sell for $23.85 per 30 ml bottle. If you place your order with them prior to 3 PM EST,you will have your order shipped on the same day,Monday through Friday. There is also a 10ml bottle of E Liquid available for $8.95 if you don’t want to buy the bigger bottle until you know you will like the Red Bull e liquid.

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  • Jason

    I get my Red Bull E-Juice from Supremenicotine.com. It is a very authentic flavor and would recommend it to any “red Head”

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