White Cloud E Cigarette Cartridge Review

The White Cloud Cirrus II is considered to be one of the highest quality vapor smoking products on the market. The price of the model and cartridge refills reflects the higher quality, but its hard to find anyone who has used the Cirrus II and does not like it. The White Cloud cartridges are rated to last the equivalent of two packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes which is equal to about 3-400 puffs for the average vapor smoker.

White Cloud Cartridge Flavors

White Cloud cartridges for the Cirrus II come in six flavors: Menthol, Vanilla, Espresso, Chocolate, Clove, and Tobacco.

White Cloud Cartridge Nicotine Levels

There are six nicotine levels available for White Cloud cartridges, but they are not available with all flavors. The available nicotine levels for White Cloud cartridges are:
– XX (Double extra strength – available in tobacco only) 4.2%
– Extra strength(Available in Tobacco, Menthol and Vanilla) 3.6%
– Full strength (all flavors) 2.4%
– Light strength (all flavors) 1.8%
– Ultra Light strength (all flavors but Clove) 0.6%
– Nicotine Free (all flavors but Clove) 0%

White Cloud Cartridge Review

White Cloud Cirrus II cartridges will run you $4 per cartridge, but they last approximately twice the length of the cartridges of competing e cigarette companies. The cartridges contain an atomizer and have no need for the maintenance steps that are needed for three-piece e cigarette models. If you are looking to try the highest-end, e cigarette model and cartridge available, the White Cloud II Cirrus model is one of the highest quality models available on the market.

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