White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Review

There are two types of customer that will want to purchase the White Cloud E cigarette; 1 – The vapor smoker that likes e smoking, but wants to get the highest quality, high-end model available after experiencing issues with Chinese produced but American assembled products, and 2 – The new vapor smoker who likes to try the high-end product first to have the best experience possible. White Cloud electronic cigarettes are one of the more pricey e cigarette starter kits at $249.95, but they are one of the most tested and durable e cigarette products available on the market and rate high in almost all of the electronic cigarette reviews that you will find online.

What Do You Get in the White Cloud E Cigarette Starter Kit?

The White Cloud Cirrus II starter kit is one of the most durable e cigarette products on the market. With the new, Cirrus II starter kit and legacy starter White Cloud Starter kit you get:

White Cloud Cirrus II

White Cloud Cirrus II

  • 2 E Cigarette Batteries
  • 1 USB Express Charger
  • 1 Pack of cartridges (5 total, you choose the flavor and nicotine strength).
  • Each White Cloud cartridge is equivalent to approximately two packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes (or 3-400 puffs depending on how deep you inhale the vapor).

What Flavors of E Liquid Are Available with White Cloud Cartridges?

The White Cloud e cigarette cartridges come in Vanilla, Menthol, Tobacco, Espresso, Clove, and Chocolate flavors. The nicotine strength for the e juice varies from 0 to 4.2% and are designed to mimic the equivalent of non-filtered, regular, light, and ultra-light cigarettes to also include a nicotine free option. The specifics on the strengths for White Cloud cartridges are:

XX (Stands for Double Extra Strength and is only available in the tobacco flavor) – 4.2%

Extra Strength (Available in Tobacco, Menthol, and Vanilla) 3.6 %

Full Strength (Available in all flavors of e juice from White Cloud) 2.4%

Ultra Light Strength (All flavors but clove) 0.6%

Nicotine Free E Juice (All but clove ) 0%

What Bonus Options Are Available With White Cloud E Cigarettes?

If you get the 2-year assured warranty when ordering the White Cloud starter kit, you will get the adapter of your choice for free. The warranty was running $29.99 at the time of this writing.

What is the Difference Between the White Cloud Cirrus II and Cirrus I?

White Cloud released the Cirrus II have conducting significant testing with the Cirrus I product. The Cirrus II has the following advantages over the Cirrus I as noted by the White Cloud company:

– It produces more vapor than the Cirrus I product

– It is 30% shorter and lighter than the Cirrus I

– The device lasts for 7-9 hours of use as compared to 6-8 for the Cirrus I

– It will charge fully in 1 to 1.5 hours.

Why Is White Cloud Considered to be One of the Best, Premium E Cigarettes?

For a few reasons. First, White Cloud is one of the few e cigarette companies that takes in feedback on what extremes customers are using their products (ie extreme heat, cold, near water, etc), and tries to replicate those conditions and make the product as hardy as possible. White Cloud tries to make their e cigs able to withstand being stored in your purse, pocket, or car and still produce high quality vapor smoke. The White Cloud cartridges that are rated at 3-400 puffs per cartridge are some of the highest performing on the market. Coupled with the “maintenance free” 2-piece design, the White Cloud e cig has become increasingly popular with many experienced vapor smokers who want to smoke one of the best premium e cigarettes on the market. For the new vapor smoker, the high cost of the starter kit can prove to be a significant barrier when he or she doesn’t know if they will enjoy vapor smoking. In these cases, they may want to try out a lower-cost, free trial electronic cigarette or another brand that costs less to make sure they will enjoy the product first, before buying a premium e cig such as White Cloud. If money is not a limiter, however, you can not beat the quality of the White Cloud Cirrus II e cig.

White Cloud Electronic CIgarette Starter Kit

White Cloud Electronic CIgarette Starter Kit

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